Ann-Marie Watt | Owner

Brilliant Obsession

Hey there! I’m Ann-Marie and I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York (before it was cool). I’m a fly, 80s-baby entrepreneur, currently residing in Washington, D.C.

It was all a dream, I used to shop at local BK market streets, With my Jamaican mom in tow swaying to the beats.

Ok, ok that’s not how it really happened. This is how the story went down. When I was a kid, I developed an obsession with Avon lip balms. I would look at the back of the catalog and order each one, except for banana - that was weird to me.


When I received them, I would apply each one to my lips, one flavor after another. My mom told me that my lips would fall off, but they never did so my obsession remained intact. In fact, I went on a mission looking for the holy grail of lip balms. I couldn’t find it, so I made it.

I founded Refineful, an always natural body care line in 2011 and started offering lip balms. The lip balm to end all lip balms. No petroleum jelly in a tube, here - only legit ingredients and moisturizing goodness. I’ve since graduated from lip balms, and now offer other products like dope soaps. I take pride in my creating my products and the many more to come. And the best part? I donate 10% of profits to Flint Kids, an organization which supports the children affected by lead contaminated water in Flint, MI.

When I am not making body care products, you can find me applying my lip balms (I told you I was obsessed); listening to Tobe Nwigwe and The Foreign Exchange or some Queen, Bowie and Anita Baker (her farewell tour was AMAZING!). I also enjoy traveling to different locales and helping communities, or just chillin’ with friends while rocking my favorite Black History Month J’s. 

Until next time, be refineful.